Envirocraft Rules

This is a living document and may be updated with more details as they are needed.

Minecraft Server Rules

  1. No griefing.
  2. No x-ray’ing, exploits or glitches.
  3. No spamming chat or excessive swearing.
  4. No racist, homophobic, or flat-out disrespectful comments.
  5. Do not repeatedly kill a player unless they are ok with it.
  6. No hacked clients or AFK fish farms.
  7. No advertising other servers.
  8. No being toxic/negative in chat &nor towards staff.
  9. Do not claim over another persons base, or claim extremely close to another’s base without their permission.

Discord server Rules

  1. Don’t be disrespectful
  2. Don’t spam
  3. Don’t advertise (Discord, Minecraft server, etc.)
  4. Don’t set an inappropriate Discord status